Ideal for use in Schools, hallways, offices, delis , lunch rooms and lobby areas. Simply hold hand under dispenser to activate and receive a shot of HandiDandi® hand sanitizer, No touch required.

  • The cabinet covers are lockable by key to help stop unauthorized access

  • Handi Dandi dispensers are exclusively protected by BioCote® - a silver-based antimicrobial agent that is incorporated into the plastic and inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and molds.

  • Cartridges contain 1.2 liter of foam hand wash product providing approximately 1720 applications.

  • Handi Dandi dispensers are guaranteed for Life- Manufactured from durable plastic components and rigorously tested for high usage environments, providing assurance of quality and long-term cost efficiency.

  • No Mess- No drips or clogging of pumps which can cause mess on walls and floors and can be a health & safety risk, with minimal maintenance required.

  • Hygienically Sealed Cartridges- The hygienically sealed cartridge and pump mechanisms do not allow the ingress of air into the cartridge during use to help prevent product contamination and ensure ‘fresh’ product is dispensed every time.